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At Averax Group, we stand behind the quality of our work. With a fully transferrable 25-year warranty, you can rest assured that we will take care of the problem for the life of your home. As a fully bonded and insured company with up to $25 million in liability insurance, we make sure that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

We are committed to providing the best services and the best prices. When you contact us, we will make sure to give you the fairest price quote possible. If someone else beats our price, we will match it. We want you to be able to have the best service no matter what your budget is. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to save a few dollars, so we’ll make sure to meet your needs.

No waterproofing problem is too big for us to handle. We have helped save thousands of homes from water damage. Our basement waterproofing experts are highly trained to solve any water-related issue you may have. We pledge to give you the best recommendations and services possible to protect your home from water. We even offer free consultations and expert advice so that you will know exactly how to fix your water problems.

  • Experience and Expertise you can trust
  • Highest Quality Service
  • 25 Year Transferable Warranties
  • Fully Insured Company
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  • 24 Hour Emergency

Why Choose Us ?

When your home experiences dampness or wet basement and other issues of water damage, it makes it unusable. It can also damage property in the home and ruin the aesthetic value of the house. Dampness and mould may also result in breathing problems often making you incur unnecessary costs in treatment. You, therefore, do not want to have damp areas in your homes.

Sometimes, people wait until the problem of wet basement and foundation occurs. At Averax Group, we deal with any damp and wet issues in addition to providing exterior waterproofing to help protect the homestead. Whether you are starting noticing the first signs of dampness or growth of moulds in a room, or you have a major damp problem, we can deal it.